Jubail Pallet Plant [JPP] established in early 2000 and operates in Jubail Saudi Arabia. The Company quickly established a reputation for quality. Service and reliability, driven by the needs of our Customers. We are a well established and successful company offering comprehensive wooden pallet manufacturing and recycling solutions. We are supplying a wide range of customers with any quantity of both New and Used pallets. Our regular customer base covers a wide range of manufactures and retail outlets.
Our aim is to manufacture and supply he highest Quality pallets at prices which are clearly affordable to all of our customers. We pursue excellence in all areas of our business in our manufacturing process. In our products and in our Service. It is our intention to achieve this by offering.

  •  Complete deliveries on time
  •  First class Customer Service 
  •  Products that meet all standard requirements

Timber pallets are a vital component in the handling, Storage and distribution system. Timber in pallet manufacture is an ideal raw material because it is reusable, repairable, recyclable and very cost-effective. All softwood used in pallet manufacture is sourced from properly managed sustained sources.
                           Production capacity:
        Jubail – 2,500,000 Pallets per annum
        Yanbu – 750,000 pallets per annum
        Riyadh- 500,000 Pallets per annum